Why Wright Cleaners?


You are probably asking yourself, why did Innisfil Dry Cleaning and Laundry Delivery Services choose Wright Cleaners as our partner? It’s a good question and one I am more then happy to answer!

After a very laborious search for the perfect Dry Cleaning and Laundry company, we have chosen Wright Cleaners in Barrie for a list of reasons which seem never ending. All of the Dry Cleaners I had visited on my search just didn’t match up to Wright Cleaners. I was introduced to disgruntled employees, what I thought was unsafe conditions, old machinery, poor workmanship, non eco friendly environments, not certified by the OFA, expensive pricing and unhealthy/unclean working environments (as far as my standards are considered). There were some places which were decent, but Wright Cleaners simply stood above their competition….BY A MILE!!!

When I had arrived at Wright Cleaners a few things stood out for me right away. The employees were happy and working as a team, the machines were massive and fairly new, and the level of organization was beyond anything I had ever seen. The thing that really caught my eye was the attention to detail by every employee, on every piece of clothing that was being worked on. Once I spoke with the owners, I was in awe at the systems they had in place. Once hearing they have been open since 1928, I knew I was dealing with experts in the field. Below are some of the reasons why we eventually chose Wright Cleaners and I am sure you can agree that we made the “WRIGHT” choice!

  1. THEIR EXPERTISE: Wright cleaners have been in operation since 1928!

  2. THEY USE THE WORLD FAMOUS K4 DRY CLEANING SYSTEM: SYSTEMK4 is an environmentally-friendly mix of bio-degradable cleaning solution and energy-saving technology that offers exceptional cleaning and production results. The basic component of the system is a halogen-free solvent that, when used properly, eliminates environmental risk to air, water, soil, and, most importantly, humans. In addition, SYSTEMK4 is hypo-allergenic and has been tested as “very good” by dermatologists. SYSTEMK4 uses SOLVONK4 an environmentally non-toxic, halogen-free solvent offering excellent cleaning performance with greater than 99% pureness. This innovative solution dissolves and absorbs lipophilic (fats, greases, and oils), hydrophilic (water soluble) and saline (salt-based) soils with minimal fiber abrasion, leaving textiles with less creasing and a pleasant, smooth feel. In addition, SOLVONK4 is biodegradable and has been dermatologically tested with “very good” results. At Wright Cleaners, they are committed to expertly clean your clothes and textiles with the best results, while ensuring the environment is well protected at the same time.

    The unique advantages of SYSTEMK4 are clear:

    • Excellent cleaning quality
    • Environmentally-safe
    • Clean, fresh scent
    • Energy, water, and disposal cost savings
    • Brighter colors and whiter whites
    • Gentle Cleaning of Textiles, Leather and Furs
    • Non-toxic
    • Reduced Finishing
    • Dermatologically tested
    • Increased productivity
    • Biodegradable
    • Reduced multiprocessing


  3. WET CLEAN SERVICE AND CARE: Their Wet Clean Services are done with machines that run on gentle cycles to ensure proper care. Also, not only do their machines monitor and adjust humidity levels for the best environment for your fabrics, but they also use biodegradable solvents which can be recycled.

  4. CERTIFIED ENVIRONMENTAL CLEANER: They are a registered member of the Canadian Fabricare Association and certified as an Environmental Cleaner.

  5. ENVIRONEMTALLY FRIENDLY: All Hangers, plastics and dry-cleaning paper are all recyclable!

  6. AWARD WINNING: Multiple Advanced Reader’s Choice Awards for BEST Dry Cleaner in Barrie!

  7. ATTENTION TO DETAIL: All clothing and fabrics are treated with the utmost care. For example:

    • If they see some lint, they will de-lint it for you
    • Their machines are designed for special care to keep fabrics strong and colours bright

    • They have special pressing and tension equipment to prevent shrinking or burning
    • Every item is properly labelled and inspected to ensure quality


  8. STARCH FREE ENVIRONMENT: Wright Cleaners is a STARCH FREE environment, as it is both harmful for fabrics and skin.

  9. THEY DO IT ALL: Wright Cleaners can literally clean almost everything you can think of. From shirts to wedding dresses to horse blankets. If you are unsure, just ask!

  10. CHARITABLE: Wright Cleaners have been donating to local causes and charities for a very long time. Recently, they helped the Barrie Food Bank collect almost 1400 pounds of donated food.

  11. EXTRA EFFORT: Some stains are simply that, stains, but at Wright Cleaners they want nothing more then to send back clean fabrics. So, if your items are washed and the stains still exist, they will re-wash your fabrics FREE OF CHARGE, just in case a 2nd wash does the trick!

  12. LOVE: At Wright Cleaners they LOVE what they do. So much so, that you will see it in the quality of their work; and once you see your fabrics, you’ll feel the love too!

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