Hello and thank you for taking the time to get to know me!

My name is Severino Lunardon and I am the owner of Innisfil Dry Cleaning & Laundry. I wanted to share with my fellow community members a little bit about myself and how this company came to be.

We moved to Innisfil in 2015 and it was the best move of our lives. We loved the town and people so much that we wanted to make as many connections as we could. Over the last few years we have been finding ways to connect with our fellow community members. Our family has been hosting weekly community meditations and weekly community bonfires for the last few years and we have made some amazing connections. Social media has given us the ability to host events such as our “Bi-Annual Innisfil Beach Park Clean-Ups”, our “Cans Cuz We Can” canned goods food drive, our “Coats for the Cold” coat collection drive, and our “Stuffed Purses for Women in Need” drive just to name a few. We have also done smaller events such as our walks in nature, our pet meet-ups or our simple coffee and cookie nights.

We have met so many special people and made so many connections that we wanted to make even more connections in town, not only for us, but for everyone in this wonderful community. So, I decided to go on Facebook and start making as many groups as I could, to better connect people with similar interests. I created the following groups: Innisfil Neighbours Friends and Buds, Innisfil Spoonies and Mental Health, Innisfil Lost/Found/Stolen/Missing, Alcona Nostra – Innisfil’s Italian Community, Innisfil Sports Group, Innisfil LGBTQ+, Innisfil Love and Light, Innisfil Secret Society, Innisfil Seniors, and the Innisfil Toronto Maple Leafs Fan Club. Through these groups we have made even more connections.

Our focus then shifted to how we could spend even more time in town with the people we have grown to love and less time commuting in the city? Well that’s when my life partner decided to open up her own wellness center called Take My Hand Wellness and I decided to open up Innisfil Dry Cleaning and Laundry Delivery Services. So here we are today, ready to begin our new journeys. Hoping to make even more connections, hoping to help more people and most importantly, ready to fall even more in love with Innisfil and the people in it.

Thank you for stopping by, and from my family to yours,may the days feed you love, good health and unlimited happiness!